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Movie Reviews

Honesty and expectation run hand in hand with my movie reviews. There are right and wrong ways to gauge films, and my way is to find out what the movie is trying to provide me with. Going into an action film needs to be met with guilty pleasure enjoyment. Dramas require a deeper train of thought. Comedies are medicine for the soul, especially when they are done right. My main idea is digging deeper. I want to know what this director is trying to tell me or if he/she simply wants me to relax and "get away". Movies are escape into a world only meant for imagination and mad creativity. We are all critics when it comes to film and our reactions/thoughts shape the future landscape of Hollywood and their productions. Honesty is the biggest requirement in movie critiques, but knowing what to expect is the secret ingredient. -Dan Buffa

Rudderless travels to some dark places but never weighs the viewer down. A quietly powerful piece about the healing power of music.

Guest critic Ben Deutsch tells you why Johnny Depp’s latest debacle will make you question the actor's career in film.

This isn’t a terrible film my film addicts, but it is not one that you should wait in line or pay ten dollars to see on a busy Friday night. 

Leigh's finely crafted, technically sound work passes off fine as piece of art, but comes up well short of an engaging cinematic experience.

Blackhat, directed by Michael Mann (HEAT -THE INSIDER) is a muddled hacker adventure that leaves you thinking ‘was that really necessary?

American Sniper is a a solid film anchored by a heavyweight performance from Bradley Cooper that deserves your attention.

For family and friends the story of a small bear seeking a place to live draws you in. Few movies offer the ability to bring in a wide ranging audience, Paddington has just that ability.

Ex-covert operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) and his ex-wife, Lenore (Famke Janssen), are enjoying a reconciliation when Lenore is brutally murdered. Bryan is framed for the crime and flees, with the CIA, FBI and police all in hot pursuit.

This is a must see for anyone who watches movies; whether you’re a hardcore cinephile or the most casual of moviegoers Selma is powerful stuff.

Inherent Vice is a sexy, stony, silly, serious serial that’s highlighted by terrific acting and trippy production value.

Do your patriotic duty and see The Interview at your local independent theater or on VOD as soon as you can say “honeydick”.

Unbroken is the perfect holiday film if you want a piece of cinema to remind you why life is precious and should never be taken for granted.

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