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Honesty and expectation run hand in hand with my movie reviews. There are right and wrong ways to gauge films, and my way is to find out what the movie is trying to provide me with. Going into an action film needs to be met with guilty pleasure enjoyment. Dramas require a deeper train of thought. Comedies are medicine for the soul, especially when they are done right. My main idea is digging deeper. I want to know what this director is trying to tell me or if he/she simply wants me to relax and "get away". Movies are escape into a world only meant for imagination and mad creativity. We are all critics when it comes to film and our reactions/thoughts shape the future landscape of Hollywood and their productions. Honesty is the biggest requirement in movie critiques, but knowing what to expect is the secret ingredient. -Dan Buffa

Is No Escape the best way to tell you that is the issue you may feel when watching this movie, or is it offering up the reverse take to the enemy encountered in the movie.

American Ultra is a wild ride that deftly blends comedy, action and even romance in a truly unique package.

Plot and substance take a back seat to style in U.N.C.L.E., Ritchie clearly loves the chance to show off his attractive leads in the fashions and setting of the early 1960's but the characters feel hollow and the muddled screenplay seems to exist as a means to an end.


While the film documents a period that happened over 20 years ago, the messages and controversial content it portrays are all too relevant today in an unfortunate instance of history repeating itself.

The Gift perhaps is more surprising as a finished product than any of its plot developments. While there are twists and turns that will keep to audience guessing (or, occasionally, figuring it out before the reveal), more often than not the horror here is psychological.

This time it is not a summer sequel for the comic superhero genre, but another reboot. Does this Fantastic 4 reboot stand alone, or was it doomed from the start…

Rogue Nation's best sequences, Ethan Hunt hanging freely off a massive cargo plane, a covert ops mission to save a political figure at an extravagant opera, are adequately thrilling.

With a LEGO figure featuring Jason Bateman's voice narrating, A LEGO Brickumentary has the feel of an extended puff piece, and does it's job of making a viewer want to bust out a bucket of colored bricks.

Ed Helms plays the part of Rusty Griswold pretty well and is likable but I thought Christina Applegate was a bit miscast.

Southpaw offers some jabs but does it offer the knockout power needed to flourish in the world of summer blockbusters.

It only made sense for Apatow to team up with Amy Schumer, whose star has been on the rise over the past couple years in large part due to her popular Comedy Central sketch show, Inside Amy Schumer.

The end result is exactly what one would expect, an enjoyable and competently made film that fits into the Avengers puzzle but is nothing special.

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