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Honesty and expectation run hand in hand with my movie reviews. There are right and wrong ways to gauge films, and my way is to find out what the movie is trying to provide me with. Going into an action film needs to be met with guilty pleasure enjoyment. Dramas require a deeper train of thought. Comedies are medicine for the soul, especially when they are done right. My main idea is digging deeper. I want to know what this director is trying to tell me or if he/she simply wants me to relax and "get away". Movies are escape into a world only meant for imagination and mad creativity. We are all critics when it comes to film and our reactions/thoughts shape the future landscape of Hollywood and their productions. Honesty is the biggest requirement in movie critiques, but knowing what to expect is the secret ingredient. -Dan Buffa

If you go into this film knowing that it will be quirky and unusual but leave you pondering your own gracefulness when you exit, then you will enjoy it. So, is this movie Garden State?  No.  Is this movie Zach Braff’s?  YES.

The end result is a 90 minute advertisement for Apple that’s sporadically funny but often awkward and off putting.

The film belongs to Grillo and his dependable gritty performance elevates the film. 

If you need a movie to just go along with the ride – quality or no - Aftermath is worth checking out.

Bringing a dark, brooding tone to the proceedings, director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) ably helms the second installment of the Planet of the Apes rebooted franchise.

If the award was handed out today, Life Itself should win the Oscar for Best Documentary. It will be rightfully nominated because this film will have an effect on many people

Tammy isn't edgy enough to redeem it's tired premise and the heartwarming finale rings as false as anything I have seen in a resolution this entire year at the movies.

Begin Again peeks curiously behind the private curtains of songwriting and performance.  But if you strip away the musical context of the story, these characters are people we know in our everyday lives.

I used to think finding a different writer and director would help Transformers and the viewing public. Now, I am happy to report that The Age of Extinction for these robots may be the best thing.

At the very least, this is the kind of picture you can take your grandparents to only to discover you’re enjoying it too.


It’s the situational and physical humor that makes this sequel better than the first.

After 2012’s 21 Jump Street proved to be a sleeper hit, both by circumventing the conventions of big screen remakes of old properties by spoofing them and because of the surprising comedic chemistry between leads Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller return for the sequel, 22 Jump Street.

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