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Honesty and expectation run hand in hand with my movie reviews. There are right and wrong ways to gauge films, and my way is to find out what the movie is trying to provide me with. Going into an action film needs to be met with guilty pleasure enjoyment. Dramas require a deeper train of thought. Comedies are medicine for the soul, especially when they are done right. My main idea is digging deeper. I want to know what this director is trying to tell me or if he/she simply wants me to relax and "get away". Movies are escape into a world only meant for imagination and mad creativity. We are all critics when it comes to film and our reactions/thoughts shape the future landscape of Hollywood and their productions. Honesty is the biggest requirement in movie critiques, but knowing what to expect is the secret ingredient. -Dan Buffa

Sleeping with Other People’s main attraction, perhaps, is its willingness to talk about sex, hookups and the thought processes that go through peoples’ minds during such encounters in a candid and truthful manner.

Visually speaking, The Martian is an awe-inspiring film to behold. While the 3D is not quite the essential component it was in 2013’s Gravity, it’s still a film worth coughing up the extra couple bucks for a three dimensional experience

Few movies have the ability to reach a vast audience, does 'The Intern' fit into that mold, or is the Nancy Meyers comedy just another fall movie release to fill a theaters screen…

Pawn Sacrifice's strongest performance, however, belongs to Liev Schreiber as Russian chess grandmaster Boris Spassky. Schreiber only has a handful of lines (mostly in Russian) but has a domineering and calculated presence throughout, he's a phenomenal chess player and a Soviet hero but mostly seems to be just another guy.

Everest is not necessarily a bad film, it just feels like it could have been so much more. It’s a film that’s rather uninvolving and disconnected, which, considering the actual human toll that was taken in the events the film is based upon, is all the more unfortunate.

Captive’s screenplay was so intent on accuracy that it felt more like reading a newsprint article than experiencing the characters’ crises. 

Just as the many gangster films before it, Black Mass does an acceptable job of reminding us of the crime, corruption, violence, and instability of organized crime.

Does M. Night Shyamalan have what it takes to bring visitors to The Visit?

Is No Escape the best way to tell you that is the issue you may feel when watching this movie, or is it offering up the reverse take to the enemy encountered in the movie.

American Ultra is a wild ride that deftly blends comedy, action and even romance in a truly unique package.

Plot and substance take a back seat to style in U.N.C.L.E., Ritchie clearly loves the chance to show off his attractive leads in the fashions and setting of the early 1960's but the characters feel hollow and the muddled screenplay seems to exist as a means to an end.


While the film documents a period that happened over 20 years ago, the messages and controversial content it portrays are all too relevant today in an unfortunate instance of history repeating itself.

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