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Honesty and expectation run hand in hand with my movie reviews. There are right and wrong ways to gauge films, and my way is to find out what the movie is trying to provide me with. Going into an action film needs to be met with guilty pleasure enjoyment. Dramas require a deeper train of thought. Comedies are medicine for the soul, especially when they are done right. My main idea is digging deeper. I want to know what this director is trying to tell me or if he/she simply wants me to relax and "get away". Movies are escape into a world only meant for imagination and mad creativity. We are all critics when it comes to film and our reactions/thoughts shape the future landscape of Hollywood and their productions. Honesty is the biggest requirement in movie critiques, but knowing what to expect is the secret ingredient. -Dan Buffa

Does Tomorrowland deserve your time, or is just another summer blockbuster begging for your time and money? With the early summer movies still fighting for your dollars exhaust your options before taking in Tomorrowland. 

Good Kill doesn't cut as deep as it intends to and there are a few scenes that go nowhere and a righteous plot that closes the film which doesn't land properly, but the movie is provocative enough to hold you.

Mad Max: Fury Road exists as both a continuation of the Mad Max franchise and a reboot for the scores of younger generations unfamiliar with the property.

There are more laughs in the first ten minutes of Pitch Perfect 2 than there was the entirety of Pitch Perfect, and that has to count for something.

If you are a Van Damme addict who needs a fresh dose every 4 months, watch this film, but please do at home.

The D Train has a compelling group of actors but a story that is as old and tired as spoiled milk in an empty apartment.

Though Age of Ultron is not anything special or game changing, it’s a solid entry to the Marvel Universe and loads more fun than the first effort

The problem with The Water Diviner is that there is a good movie hidden in the proceedings, and Crowe shows glimpses of competency behind the camera. 

Unfriended is not the PSA that’s going to put an end to it anytime soon. 

If you’re over 40, with or without a child, and/or can identify with Josh and Cornelia’s situation, While We’re Young may be worth your time…on DVD.

All told, Danny Collins is a curiosity featuring a madcap turn by Pacino and solid performances all around, but it’s not really good enough as a whole to warrant a costly trip to the nearest theater.

In the end Furious 7 is a kick in the ass, hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride film.

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